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Top things to visit in Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach, or just Muriwai is a community settled on the coast of the Auckland Region in New Zealand. Its fine location and interesting activities attracts visitors from all over the world. Muriwai Beach has specific climate.

1. Track Adventures

Track Adventures

Have you ever heard of quad bikes and quad bikes safari? Quad bike is a buggie-like vehicle which can offer great fun and beautiful adventure. Before the ride, every tourist will get a quick and easy training with instructions and information about quad bikes and how it works. 4 Track Adventures is a mix of safari on dry land, watery escapades and helio-tracks. You choose what you find most encouraging and thrilling. It will be the best ride of your life!

3. Muriwai Gannet Colony

Muriwai Gannet Colony

Gannet colony can be seen in only three spots in New Zealand. Muriwai is one of them. Gannet colony is not very far from Auckland. If you want to visit this amazing place, you will be able to see how birds make nests, to enjoy the scenery and photograph the birds.

5. Muriwai Golf Club

Muriwai Golf Club

Golf is one the most popular sports in New Zealand. Amazing green fields and valleys give the opportunity for many golf clubs. Muriwai Golf Club provide service for both professional and amateur golf players. There are many courts you can choose from, you just have to be creative. Beside golf courts, you can take a breath in restaurant or a bar. Categories are also various – from full time membership, through junior and senior, weekend membership or, if you don't want to be a member, you can play golf as a guest.

2. Muriwai Surf School

Muriwai Surf School

Surfing is a must if you visit any town or place in New Zealand. New Zealand is very famous surfing spot with most beautiful waves and excellent surfing instructors. With these instructors, you will definitely become experienced surfer in top notch form.

4. Muriwai Horse Riding Centre

Muriwai Horse Riding Centre

Muriwai Horse Riding Centre is maybe just one of the numerous horse riding centres in New Zealand, but this one is specific for the most rarest horses you can see on the whole island, and it is located on the beach. While you enjoy your horse ride, you will also have a beautiful sighting in front of you for better enjoyment. Horses from the Muriwai Riding Centre is very smart and noble, and you will feel like a dutch or a dutchess.

Muriwai Beach is located in the center of the warm air flow, with maximum accomodations for people of different ages. We recommend you top five things that you must definitely try if you visit Muriwai Beach.

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