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What to see in Monte Grande

Monte Grande is the capital city of Esteban Echeverría, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is almost thirty kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. It has area of over 22 square kilometers. It had 109,000 inhabitants in 2001 and it was founded in 1889, by the Coni, Sansisena and Company.

1. Mitre Square

Mitre Square

Bartolomé Mitre Martínez was a politician, soldier, historian, writer and journalist. He was born in Buenos Aires, in the present corner of Suipacha and Lavalle. He is son of Ambrose Estanislao and his brothers were Emilio and Federico. Monte Grande authorities make a tribute to him at Mitre Square.

3. La Luna Variete

La Luna Variete offers amazing art space, where you can enjoy not only the show but a pleasant atmosphere with good music and a proper cuisine, and it is open for every art fan who ever come to Monte Grande. Shows are magnificent and food tastes great.

2. Monte Grande Station

Monte Grande Station is located within the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. It is a railway station located in the city of the same name and it is a central intermediate transport station that lands between the Constitution and Ezeiza. It is located in the commercial center of the city, 500 meters from the main square and the municipality of Esteban Echeverría. It has three entrances, one through the center of the platform, two at the front and back. There is also a tunnel connecting the two sides of the station.

Monte Grande is small town with so many things to see and explore.

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