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What to do in Miramar

Miramar is an Argentine city spotted on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires Province, almost five hundred kilometers south of Buenos Aires. It is the capital of General Alvarado Partido. The name "Miramar" cames from the words Mira (look) and Mar (ocean).

1. Bosque del Vivero

A nice place for a picnic and go to spend the entire day, you can go with your family, partner or friends. You can not miss it by any chance. Stove, stone seats and tables, sinks, plants and various activities with horses, ATVs, go-karting promise good time and fun.

3. Muelle de Pescadores

You can not miss the view from the dock. You will love being able to see the water from that height. It's a nice walk where you see people fishing and many tourists taking pictures with the sea bottom at one end and city background to the other. The kids really enjoy themselves here. Very nice place to visit with family and friends and family. Ideal for walks and to go fishing, it is very clean and safe. It has recently been remodeled. You can fish in comfort. There are pools to clean the fish.

5. Bosque Energetico

Delightful paradise to recharge and enjoy a moment to relax and disconnect from every day routine. Huge trees make a simple wood a very attractive place. The place has a special power and place itself is very nice in terms of nature. Some cases are difficult to explain, so you better see it for yourself. A nice walk for whole family.

2. Cardon Miramar Links

If you are lucky to visit it at windless day, it will be outstanding. Yet it is a different game for those who are accustomed to regular tennis course. Unique in its kind in Argentina, it has beautiful location with panoramic golf and sea views. With spacious and warm galleries. Good food, as well as their service.

4. Municipal Museum Punta Hermengo

Museum is well known and effort of authorities to make it unique is huge. It is interesting for any tourist. It has historical displays of Miramar, and here is a chance to learn more about this magnificent town.

Miramar is founded in 1888. It is true Argentinian town with so many services and offers.

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