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Things to see and do in Mina Clavero

Mina Clavero is a region in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina and it is located at San Alberto Department. It is portrayed by its characteristic scenes, shorelines and nightlife. Things to do and see in Mina Clavero are listed below:

1. Stream

The zone is famous visitor site with its 14 miles of sandy shoreline and rocks, little waterfalls and characteristic stream bowls. There are additionally social choices, for example, the Museo de las Campanas or the minerals museum.

3. Palenque

Palenque is reserved for music fans from all over the world. Live music on the weekends make this a unique place. It's an incredible spot for beverages and the snacks and dinners, and with live music as well. Performers are excellent, and you can truly feel true Argentinian atmosphere here.

2. Rincón Suizo

This comfortable teahouse on the stream prides itself on its hand crafted desserts, Swiss candies and torta selva negra. If you haven't try this, this is unique opportunity to do so. At Rincon Suizo, you can feel relaxed and without worries, enjoy with your friends and family for affordable price.

4. La Mamita

The most often suggested restaurant is around the local area, serving up divine empanadas and great worth set dinners for cheap price. It is very crowded, and it leaves guests maximum service and excellency. You can enjoy in traditional foods and tasty drinks.

Mina Clavero is 170km southwest of Córdoba at Nuevo Camino near Río Panaholma, in the Valle de Traslasierra. You will have a chance to learn everything about this incredible town.

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