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Things to do and see in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin's largest city has a lot to offer to every visitor. There are many things to do in Milwaukee. Here are soe of Milwaukee's most popular destinations.

1. Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall

Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall

There is a big Polish community in Milwaukee, and this beer hall combines Polish tradition with excellent beer. You cannot go wrong with Kochanski's. It is ideal for a night out with friends. Accommodating staff will do their best to make Kochanski's one of your regular stops in Milwaukee.

3. Henry Maier Festival Park

Henry Maier Festival Park

There are several festivals held in this park annually. The most famous among them is probably Summerfest, so we would recommend visiting the park during this festival. There are lots of stages and bars. Live music on every stage is something you just have to experience. You have not met the real Milwaukee until you have attended one of the festivals in this park.

5. Downtown Books

Downtown Books

All the keen readers and collectors will love this shop! You can find plenty of rare books and comics here. This is a great place to buy Milwaukee present for your loved ones. Books, comics and movies you will find here are used and thus not very expensive.

2. Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson Museum

Now, this is THE place for all the bikers and bike lovers. There are many exhibits that will take your breath away. Harley-Davidson is American institution and the most famous bike in the world; it would be a shame to visit Milwaukee and miss visiting this museum.

4. Pabst Mansion

Pabst Mansion

Frederick Pabst founded one of the most famous American breweries. His house, which looks like castle, is today a museum. If you are a beer lover, you have to see Pabst Mansion; there is a lot of history there. Find out how the American beer king lived.

6. Crazy Water

Crazy Water

This charming little restaurant has great cooks. Everything you order here will be simply delicious. Many people say that this is the best place in Milwaukee to eat seafood. Cocktails are great and the restaurant is not too pricey.

Things to do in Milwaukee are numerous and it is impossible to name all of them. This was our selection; we hope you find something you like.

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