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What to see and do in Merlo

Merlo is the head town of and province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and it is located in the western suburbs of Buenos Aires. The city was founded in 1755 by Don Francisco de Merlo with the name of Villa San Antonio del Camino, and refounded in 1859. In 1991, city had over 110,000 inhabitants. Nineteen years after the population reached over 520,000 inhabitants. Merlo is bordered to the north with San Antonio de Padua, to the south and east by San Martin Park.

1. Church of Our Lady of Mercy

The church was designed by architect Pedro Benoit, who defined his work as gothic, and built by Antonio Ayerbe. The building is located in the historic center on Avenida de la Calle Real on the same site of the chapel Francisco de Merlo ordered to build it. The present church is the third church to rise up in the same place. The church was sacred in 1864 and its first pastor was the chaplain of the Irish community Patrick Joseph Dillon.

3. Landaburu Palace

The building is named after the family Landaburu. The construction of early twentieth century and is the only historic facade that exists on Avenue Libertador San Martín. French Basque immigrant Juan Landaburu settled with his family in Merlo and became a powerful landowner, and this palace was dedicated to him. Francis, another son of Landaburu, married Mary Pirovano, with whom he had eight children. For decades he ran Manuel Belgrano National College and now runs the School of Media Education.

2. Domingo F. Sarmiento College

College was built on land donated by Dona Manuela Calderon Pearson and designed by Pedro Benoit. Many generations were taught her until today. It was the first college after Fundaro school was closed in the government of Juan Manuel de Rosas. The college is popularly known among tourists and it is located at the beginning of Avenue Del Libertador.

4. Residence of the Sullivan family

The building is located in the historic town of Merlo and today there operates an office of the Catholic organization Caritas. The Sullivan family in Argentina originates with the Irish physician John Sullivan. John Sullivan with his Scottish colleague Redhead were those who visited their mutual friend Manuel Belgrano during the last years of his life. One of the descendants of the first, Francis Sullivan lived here after 1859.

Merlo is truly amazing town with many historic attractions for all tourists. If you come to this part of the world, don't miss it.

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