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What to do in Marseille

Marseille is most famous port in France. It is third by size in whole Europe. It is settled in the bay of Lyon, and it is a capital of the departmant in this region.

1. Marseille en 2cv

Marseille en 2cv

If you board your private 2cv, you will try extraordinary car which is a legend in this area. Uncover Marseille in an exceptional and customised way. Your driver will take you and show you all the historical spots of the most antiquated city of France. Pick and book your tour and fasten your seatbelt. Let the cruise begin!

3. Musee des Civilisations de l'europe et la Mediterranee

Musee des Civilisations de l'europe et la Mediterranee

This Museum is an exhibition hall of 21st-century civilizations. It is focused on different parts of the societies of the Mediterranean and southern Europe. It will offer a new perspective at the societies of the Mediterranean.

5. Old Port

Old Port

Old Port is an astonishing place with incredible points of views. It was once an incredible business community for watercrafts touching base from Africa. Today is one of the most popular touristic monument.

2. La Friche la Belle

La Friche la Belle

La Friche la Belle is a place with nice lobby, a club & discotheque, a workshop, a studio and a place for weddings and celebrations. They hold over 500 occasions and celebrations by year. 'La Friche' is one spot where you can see true atmosphere of Marseille and experience the vibes of its social differences. It offers a knowledge of life in southern France you basically can't find in a historical center.

4. Castle of If

Castle of If

Castle of If is a notable castle in the middle of blue mediterran. It is located on an island off the shore of Marseille, and immortalised by Alexandre Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo as the jail where the novel's saint, Edmond Dantes, was detained before eventually getting away. The castle was build by Francois in 1524 and throughout the hundreds of years it picked up so many interesting stories about many notorious rivals of imperial force who were imprisoned here. The Castle of If are one of the most authentic destinations on the Mediterranean coastline. It is opened from May 15 to September 20.

History of this town is very interesting and breath-taking. It was founded by Greeks, and it was one of the most important trade centers in the whole Europe. Climate is very mild and comfort, winters are cold, but summer are very warm and dry. Enjoy in this things whenever you want.

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