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What to do in Loughton

Loughton is a town in the Epping Forest region of Essex. It is found north east of Charing Cross in London and near Buckhurst Hill. Loughton incorporates three areas and over fifty structures in the town.

1. Mountain-biking- Epping Forest

Mountain-biking- Epping Forest

Mountain-biking - Epping Forest has many tracks for mountain bikers. Mountain biking is for the most part allowed nearLoughton Camp and Loughton Brook. Mountain bikes are available to lease. Various clubs offers rides, especially on Sunday mornings. Epping Forest was considered as a venue for the mountain-biking of Summer Olympics.

3. Loughton station

Loughton station

Loughton station is a London Underground station, in the ballpark of two miles north of the boarder. It is served by the Central line and lies between Buckhurst Hill and Debden. It is the bigger of the two Underground stations in the town of Loughton. The first station was opened by the Eastern Counties Railway in 1856. The real area was on the site of what is currently Cafe Rouge. There was additionally a trip station at the west of the town.

5. East 15

East 15

East 15 is a British drama school which has eighteenth century house and its own theater. The Corbett Theater is a piece of a fifteenth century structure. One wing of the school is placed at Southend. The school is authorize by the National Council for drama class.

2. Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club

Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club

There are trails that pass through Loughton, including the Forest Way and the London Path. This club was established in 1966. You can visit it at weekends.

4. Loughton Camp

Loughton Camp

Loughton Camp is an Iron Age Hill fortification in Epping Forest, located on the north of Loughton. The camp's has over four acres of land and is favorite for many tourists. The banks were most likely once a solitary area built for security reasons.The camp lies on one of the most popular areas.

The area of Loughton spreads a territory of over fifteen square kilometers with a view on amazing Epping Forest. South of the old area were exchanged to Buckhurst Hill. Its population increased over thirty thounsand in the last three years.

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