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Top things to see in Lincoln

Lincoln is a small town with population of almost 3,000 citizens. It is located in Selwyn District. History of Lincoln goes way back. Here is a list of things to do:

1. Phototours, Lincoln

Phototours, Lincoln

Phototours is activity dedicated to the professional photographs. If you like to take photos and images with any type of camera, this is a right place to go. Phototours is open no matter in what season you go. On the beautiful winter days, you can catch a true spirit from this rocky landscapes, or catch amazing glance of beautiful harboures and coastlines located in Greenpark where Phototours take place.

3. The Old Mill House, Lincoln

The Old Mill House, Lincoln

The Old Mill Gallery is an ancient touristic monument with beatiful photographies about Lincoln history and New Zealand culture. If you visit The Old Mill Gallery, you will fall in love in this attractive small town. The Old Mill Gallery is open for every person who has interest in Lincoln and its culture.

5. Ballymoney


Ballymoney is wonderful garden with lot of trees and plants all around. It is a garden with camellias and rhododendrons, old roses and perennials. This is a perfect place for women that love horticulture, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Also, Ballymoney is available for weddings and celebrations. Just make a reservation, and you will be satisfied with full service and acommodation.

2. Bentwood Winery, Lincoln

Bentwood Winery, Lincoln

Winery is not just drinking all kinds of wine and winelike drinks. It is a way of life, a philosophy and hedonism. If you do not know anything about wine making process, don't be discouraged. After visiting Bentwood Wines, you will definitely become an expert. You will gain knowledge about all types and sorts of wines and grapes, how to make wine, and what does it take to get some quality products.

4. Natural High Adrenalin Dealers

Natural High Adrenalin Dealers

Natural High is tourism company that offers biking, cycling and campervan adrenaline rush across islands of New Zealand. It is established in 1996, and since then provides quality services that make every visitors happy and satisfied. One the most popular service is definitely bike exploring route, where you can explore every inch of this amazing scenery. If you try it, you will find yourself on the open road, relaxed in top notch bicycles on the market.

Lincoln got its name by Earl of Lincoln, member of the Canterbury Association. This town is maybe not so popular, but it definitely has some interesting places to visit and see.

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