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What to do and see in Levin

Levin is a town in the Manawatu - Wanganui area of New Zealand, and is the biggest town in the Horowhenua region. It is 90 kilometres north of Wellington, 50 kilometres south of Palmerston North, and two kilometres to the east of Lake Horowhenua. The town was named after William Hort Levin, an executive of the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company. Things to see in Levin are:

1. Levin Adventure Park

Levin Adventure Park

Levin park is a rainbow coloured heaven for youthful children and an extraordinary stop off for individuals heading down to Wellington or up to Taupo. It has a little children park, overall supported toilets, inside excursion region, heaps of seats, fields for running and loads and heaps of brilliantly coloured play gear!

3. Studio 202

Studio 202

Studio 202 is located in the Horowhenua town of Levin. It incorporates the Studio and display of winning craftsman Ronda Turk. Guests are most welcome, -welcome to see it, it is just a 15 minutes away from the fundamental shopping region.

5. Lake Papaitonga

Lake Papaitonga

To the south of Levin, Lake Papaitonga gives a serene retreat and has notable cooperations with the extraordinary Maori head Te Rauparaha. Papaitonga is home to waterfowl and woodland species on the lake's margins. Within the store, it is located main sound arrangement from wetland to develop dry patio woods in Wellington and Horowhenua.

2. Kohitiere Trig Track

Kohitiere Trig Track

Trig Track is a strolling and mountain biking track known to the locals as the Trig. The walk is a steep one and at the top from Taranaki to the Southern Alps. In addition, for those with a requirement, in can be a magical adventure.

4. Lake Horowhenua

Lake Horowhenua

Lake Horowhenua is spotted in the Horowhenua, a territory of the southern Manawatu Wanganui district in New Zealand's North Island. It covers a zone of 3.9 square kilometres.

Spotted in southern Manawatu, Levin is the biggest town in the Horowhenua District. Settled underneath the sublime Tararua Ranges, Levin is close to Lake Horowhenua. Levin has numerous vacation spots and fly out exercises with something to suit all ages, tastes and plans. Stop in Levin for shore strolls and deals. At Waitarere Beach you can stroll to a wreck; around town there are processing plant outlet shops to visit.

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