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What to do and see in Leca da Palmeira

Leca da Palmeira is a small town in the northwest of Portugal in Matosinjos. This town is located in an area that has a very rich cultural and historical heritage.

1. Fort Leca da Palmeira (Forte de Nossa Senhora das Neves)

Fort Leca da Palmeira (Forte de Nossa Senhora das Neves)

This fort is also known as Castle Matosinjos. Its construction began in the first half of the seventeenth century, between 1638 and 1639. The fortress was built to defend the port from pirates and other brigands. Fortress is equipped with artillery batteries in 1701 and is considered to be fully completed in 1720. Fortress is made in the form of Four-Way stars with watch towers and domes at the corners. In the twentieth century building was given to the Port Authority. Today the building is protected and is part of the historical heritage of Portugal.

3. Municipal Park Quinta da Conceicao (Parque Municipal da Quinta da Conceição)

Municipal Park Quinta da Conceicao (Parque Municipal da Quinta da Conceição)

Sometimes at this point of the monastery of Our Lady of the Conception of the composition of the Order of St. Francis. Today can still see the remains of the courtyard of the monastery, several fountains, and Chapel of St. Francis. The municipality bought the estate in 1956 to create a public park. Subsequently raised here tennis courts and swimming pool.

5. Lighthouse (Farol)

Lighthouse (Farol)

Lighthouse Leca da Palmeira opened on December 15, 1926. It operated as a school for lighthouse keeper in the period from 1926 to 1950. 1960 until he brought electricity, built the elevator to the top and installed a new automatic rotating equipment.

2. Tidal pools (Piscinas de Marés)

Tidal pools (Piscinas de Marés)

This building is a set of pools that are located on the beach Leca. These pools are made more in 1960 by the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira. Each of the pool is 25 meters long. This site is part of the cultural heritage of Portugal.

4. Tea House (Casa de Chá da Boa Nova)

Tea House (Casa de Chá da Boa Nova)

This is the famous tearoom and restaurant. It is located in a building designed by the architect Alvaro Siza Vieira on a rock on the shore, which is only half a meter of water. Tourists here can enjoy a great meal and also a good view of the sea.

The town of Leca da Palmeira is situated on the coast and as such is very attractive for tourists.

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