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What to see in Leatherhead

Leatherhead is a town in Surrey, England on the bank of the stream Mole, and at the edge of London. Its neighborhood area is Mole Valley. Records exist of the spot from Anglo Saxon England. It has many theaters and movies. The detour boulevards to the town center is amazing which is positioned by the world's cycling organization. North-east of Surrey is an intersection of many streets, components of the town have been a center for transport all through its history. Landmarks you can see are:

1. Swan


Leatherhead symbol is a swan holding a sword. This can be seen on the old Leatherhead images, and on the Mole Valley sign. The symbol of Leatherhead Football Club incorporates a swan, as do the logos of the Swan Shopping Center, Therfield School and the relaxation area. You can take a picture beside swan and this will be great memory to share with your friends.

3. Hotel


Hotel is a place with nice rooms. In the late 1990s the town most important hotel, Bull Hotel, was shut down and devastated. A Lidl store was based on the site and opened in February 2007. Right on time in the 21st century, Travelodge opened another inn on the site of the old Swan Hotel.

2. Town centre

Town centre

The town center was renovated several times. It has been set far from the parks and green area. Until the seventies, it had a economy sector with numerous shops, restaurants and all types of varieties of interest. Since pedestrianization of streets, there was a decrease in volume of people in town center. The development of the Swan Center included vital renovation. In 2002, road was voted as one of the worst in U.K. This was a signal for authorities to do something about it.

4. Leatherhead Drama Festival

Leatherhead Drama Festival

Leatherhead Drama Festival started in 2004 and is the UK's biggest drama festival with interesting plays and shows in which schools and group of actors from around Surrey contend every year for the Sir Michael Caine Drama Awards, the Richard Houghton Awards and the New Writing Awards. Sir Michael Caine, supporter of this event, introduces finalist and make an appearance at festival every year.

Leatherhead is interesting town with so many cultural offers and displays. You will definitely get a chance to see some celebrity here.

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