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What to do and see in Le Havre

Le Havre is a city and port in France most famous for its urbanity and amazing architecture. It is a harbour second by size and it is located on the right bank of the river Seine. Things to see and do in Le Havre are:

1. Musée d' Art Moderne André Malraux

Musée d' Art Moderne André Malraux

This museum is a true embodiment of modernity and has an impressive collection of some of the most famous French artists - Pissaro , Renoir , Sisley , and many others. Among them is the most notable Eugene Boudin, who is born in this beautiful french port.

3. Train Station

Train Station

Train station in Le Havre is located east of the hotel de Ville and is known for its preciseness and accuracy. The route through which the train passes includes four busiest spots in the city and if you are traveling with it, you can easily arrive at the desired destination.

5. Tim'jet


Tim'jet is the place where you can have fun and relax . This company is renting buggies and jet skis that can be used for skiing and driving along the beach. They can guarantee a good time for you and your children

2. Les Docks Vauban

Les Docks Vauban

Les Docks Vauban is an example of avant-garde architecture that is prevalent in Le Havre. Avant-garde is the art movement closely connected to this part of France, and if you have not had a chance to enjoy in this type of architecture, this is the place for it. Avant-gurde is not just an art movement, it is a form of social structure which has a goal to express freedom and liberty. If you want to explore the surroundings of Les Docks Vauban, you can visit the many restaurants, bistros and cafes.

4. Appartement Témoin

Appartement Témoin

Apartment Temoin is decorated in the style of the fifties and it is exclusively arranged for the fans of this stylish era. The decoration of the apartment exudes freedom and neatness. Woodwork and furniture are in accordance with the blue colors of the carpet and chairs. Location apartment is located just minutes from downtown and you can reach very quickly to the all important locations in the city.

Although Le Havre is not perhaps as popular as other destinations in France, it can certainly be said that this port has real values for the average tourist. Accommodation in Le Havre is not too expensive, and it is available for everyone's budget.

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