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What to do and see in Lancaster

Lancaster is is city of castles and museums, place that never sleeps and it offers various places to see:

1. Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle is Owned by Queen Elizabeth, the manor is a previous jail with areas open to the general population, approachable by Shire Hall door.

3. Lune Aqueduct

Lune Aqueduct

The Lune Aqueduct is one of the 'Seven Wonders of the Waterways', a showstopper of common building. Two hundred metres long, it conveys Lancaster Canal 16 metres above the River Lune. It was planned by John Rennie and developed by Alexander Stevens in 1797. The water channel comprises of five twenty-one-metre semi-round curves.

5. Judges Lodgings

Judges Lodgings

The Judges' Lodgings is Lancaster's old town house and a Grade One recorded building. Initially home of the Keeper of Lancaster Castle, Thomas Covell, it later turned into a living arrangement for the Hanging Judges the point at which they went by Lancaster Castle for the Assize Courts. You can additionally visit the Museum of Childhood where you can experience the Victorian school room and see a captivating show of kids' dolls, toys and recreations from eighteenth century to the present day.

2. Cottage Museum

Cottage Museum

Take a trip through the modest entryway of eighteenth century house and be transported to a life without running water, focal warming, power, or even a loo. You're miles far from advanced abundances as you go your route around the limitations of this bungalow.

4. The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre, under its numerous names, has been a real part of the social life of Lancaster since 1782. In 1897, Frank Matcham, theatre engineer, composed and managed a noteworthy re-modelling of the stage and hall. 1908 saw a blaze which gutted the inner part of the Grand, practically devastating Matcham's work. Not exactly eight months after this, it revived in the structure you see today. Today, as an aftermath of endeavors from the past, the Grand is in likely the best condition it has been since the reconstruct of 1908. It is adequately working as a venue for novice acting piece, music and move and in addition showing an extensive variety of expert acts.

Lancaster in UK is definitely a place worth to visit. Great historal place with such beautiful surroundings will give you unique sense of mediaval and magical spot, and that Lancester truly is.

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