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Things to see in Lüneburg

Lüneburg or Lunenburg is a town in the German area of Lower Saxony. It has more than 72,000 inhabitants. The residential community is arranged between Elbe Valley and Lüneburg Heath. The city is described by its verifiable focus, which was manufactured in Hanseatic Period. Back in the Middle Ages Lüneburg had a salt syndication through which it has turned into one of the wealthiest and most vital towns in this part of Germany. Things to see in Lüneburg are:

1. Lüneburg City Hall

Lüneburg City Hall

Lüneburg City Hall is a standout amongst the most compositionally intriguing and critical city lobbies in the entire of Northern Germany. Parts of the building were built in the thirteenth century. Construction modeling outline political and monetary power of the town. The city corridor in its available state really comprises of a few structures developed at distinctive periods around the building's high medieval center. The Great Council Chamber with its rich carvings and compositions was made in sixteenth century.

3. St. Johannis Church

St. Johannis Church

St. Johannis Church is the greatest church in Lüneburg. Its church tower is over one hundred meters high and most widely recognized symbol of the old hanseatic city. It is spotted beside the spot "Am Sande", where loads of wonderful old structures are placed. A large portion of these were assembled in the sixteenth century.

5. The Lüneburg Water Tower

The Lüneburg Water Tower

The Lüneburg Water Tower was assembled from 1905 to 1907 in the southeast of the Lüneburg Altstadt. The previous water tower now serves as a post. The building stands today between a private area of North Country Hall and school. The tower itself is presently spotted on the grounds of the secondary school area.

2. St. Nicholas' Church

St. Nicholas' Church

The sentimental water side quarter with its old harbor and the St. Nicholas' Church is a standout amongst the most loved spots for tourists. There are many restaurants and pubs that will welcome you with lovely atmosphere.

4. Alter Kran

Alter Kran

Alter Kran is great historic monument that will take you in ancient times. Lüneburg Alter Kran is one of Europe's fabulous things to see. Guide is full of informations about this place, so make sure you listen carefully.

Lüneburg is financial focal point of this part of Germany. It has many spots to see and explore.

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