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Things to see in Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid is a financial and administration area, and in the meantime, it is the social center of the Märkischer Kreis. Its perfect surroundings in the Mittelgebirge scene offers good time to the 80,000 tenants and additionally to guests. Things to see in Lüdenscheid are:

1. Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus

The old city lobby was build one hundred and thirty years ago. Old Town Hall was part of New Town Hall in 1964, the central seat of the Municipality of Lüdenscheid. Building was completed with three full floors in the style of Italian Renaissance palaces. The building is located in a central location of Old Town and it served as a city hall. Today is located near headquarters of the local community college.

3. Neuenhof Castle

Neuenhof Castle

Neuenhof Castle is one of the most important part of city's history placed south of the city in Elspetal. Inside is forbidden for tourists. Every castle in Germany is both scarry and magnificient at the same time. This goes for Neuenhof castle too. It has scenery that is amazing and frightening for most of the tourists.

5. Loher Wäldchen – Festival of Snow & Lights

Loher Wäldchen – Festival of Snow & Lights

Lüdenscheid is the City of Lights and one can see the magnificence of light and snow in the Loher Wäldchen with the light figure Memories of Wind. This open air show was a piece of the Festival of Light.

2. Erloeserkirche


The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, the hot Medarduskirche to 1902, is church in Lüdenscheid and is at the inside of the old town of Lüdenscheid. It was initially formed in 1067. Tower was originally a palace tower and security system. It was one of the prototyps for modern tower control spots that are popular world wide.

4. Städtische Galerie

Städtische Galerie

The City Gallery Lüdenscheid is an exhibition hall and a show space for art works in Lüdenscheid. It was opened thirty five years ago. It is devoted to history since 1945 in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is found south of downtown Lüdenscheid, not a long way from the shopping zone Wilhelm Street and the Town Hall.

Lüdenscheid is an alluring spot where you can do some shopping with shops and boutiques for all types of people. It is open for people from all parts of the world, no matter if you are from America, Europe or any other continent.

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