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What to see and do in Löhne

Löhne is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is one of nine municipal center of Herford. According to estimates from five years ago, the city had a population over forty thousand inhabitants. Lohne is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and it is located at average one hundred meters altitude. Things to see here are:

1. A shooting festival

A shooting festival

A shooting festival is a festival that derives from the regular meetings of shooters and shooting clubs, fraternities. In the course of the festival, there is a shooting competition who will take best shot. Some local customs determine the champion shot by other contests, such as ring shooting, bird shooting, target shooting or shooting with bow and arrow. In the Middle Ages, some cities had to protect themselves against looters. For this reason, associations were created that resembled a vigilante. Their goal is to fight against crime.

3. The Hopen castle

The Hopen castle

The Hopen castle is situated on the territory of the city in the middle of the forest. The water tower was built in 1517 by Herbord Dinklage near the Hopener mill stream. It was home of Lords of Haren. In nineteenth century, castle was owned by Galen family. Since 1964, it was made for private use but it is still open for visitors.

5. The open air theater

The open air theater

The open air theater is an amateur theater at the edge of urban parks in the city. It existed since 1951. There are about 900 seats available. Since 2007, the spectator area is covered. Visitors enter through a gate into the stage area in which the award is carved. The amateur theater plays per season two plays, a child and family piece and one for adults.

2. Sandpit


Sandpit is natural reserve where you can see huge mass of raw materials of construction. Suitable sites for sand pits are found mainly in the lower valleys, where the slope of the river is already low. In the North German area, where the glaciers of the last ice ages were deposited, you can see large amount of sand and gravel pit. Various local archaeologists are also encountered sand pits from the Stone Age.

4. The Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum is concerned to be an industrial museum of the history of industrialization of the city. The Industrial Museum was founded in 1987 by Mayor. The exhibits were initially housed in today's nursery behind the Gertrud school. Support was initially formed by the city. The new building near the Lohner station opened in 2000. The building has cost three million deutche marks. It was financed by partly EU.

Löhne is family friendly town where you can enjoy with your loved ones and visit and explore all kinds of new things.

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