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Kingston upon Hull-5 things to do

Kingston upon Hull, or simply Hull is a small town located in Yorkshire. It has interesting name and it is surely worth to visit. It will be United Kingdom's Culture City in 2017. That would be interesting time to visit it, but you can do it sooner. Things to do in Kingston upon Hull are:

1. Charterhouse


This house is located in Charter house lane, and it can be visit in small area of Hull. Its history goes way back to fourteen century and it was build for twenty six people as their living area. Hospital was also located here. Visit Charterhouse and find out its amazing history, a lot of informations from the past and many interesting facts.

3. City Hall

City Hall

City hall was established in 1903. It was designed by F. Matcham. In Second world war, some of its parts were destroyed, but later renovated. Frieze can be seen at the west part of City Hall. It is devoted to many composers, as same as beautiful cupola on the left side. If you want to know more about it, ask anything at Touristic Office.

5. Mick Ronson Memorial

Mick Ronson Memorial

Main area for many musical events is this stage. If you don't know who Mick Ronson was, David Bowie and its band Spiders from Mars will give you a hint. He worked with many superstars in the seventies, and this stage is omage to him. You will find a surprise behind the stage. If you are rock music fan, and you remember well what rock was all about back then, you definitely must not miss this.

2. Ferens Art Gallery

Ferens Art Gallery

You don't have to pay a dime to see this art gallery. It has various collections of sculptures from medieval times. But, it has many modern art works as well, including work from Stanley Spencer, Helen Chadwick and many many more. In the early springtime, open display is available for all tourists.

4. Queens Gardens

Queens Gardens

This is beautiful and astonishing garden opened in first half of twenty century. It was established in late eighteen century. It has so many amazing flowers that originates from all over the world. You can walk around for hours, or you can seat at bench and enjoy the view. Take your loved one and enjoy beautiful sunny afternoon here. You will be in love again.

Kingston upon Hull is definitely a place worth to visit. You can come here anytime you want.

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