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5 things to do and see in Kiel

Kiel is the capital city of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel is a big port on the Baltic Sea, connected to the west and the North Sea with Kiel channel. It is located on the eastern side of the peninsula of Jiland, in the Gulf of Kiel, in the southeast of the Baltic Sea. Kiel has Count Adolf IV of Holstein. City joined the trade association in sixteenth century. the town was under Danish sovereignty. Kiel becomes the main base of the German Navy and shipyard.

1. Kiel Cruising

Kiel Cruising, or Kiel Regatta, is the biggest cruising event on the planet and happens consistently in the last full week in June. It has numerous a large number of watercrafts and boats of different sorts in the parade. Kiel Week is additionally a festival called Volksfest. There are various yachting and cruising clubs in beautiful settings.

3. Laboe

Laboe is a region in Kiel arranged on the Baltic Sea coast. The Laboe Naval Memorial is spotted inside the district, as is the submarine U-995. Shoreline of Laboe is something you must see. The city crest depicts a swan and is focused around its name, as Laboe signifies "swan" in the Slavic Polabian dialect.

5. Old Botanical Garden

Old Botanical Garden is called the Old Botanical Garden on the Fjord and it is another herbal garden placed at D├╝sternbrooker Weg 19, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is open every day without charge. It is beautiful and relaxing place with nice smell and colorful environement.

2. Schifffahrtsmuseum

Kiel has many museums with exhibition halls, including zoological, artistic, modern, and military galleries. Most popular is Schifffahrtsmuseum or City and Maritime Museum, which has a place in the beautiful part of the town. It has structural design from the sixteenth Century and amazing rooms with painted roof. It shows urban and social displays of the nineteenth and twentieth Century.

4. The Botanischer Garten

The Botanischer Garten is a natural arrangement formed by the University of Kiel. It is found at Am Botanischen Garten street and it is open every day. Kiel has had different natural arrangements since seventeenth century, when teacher Johann Daniel Major made his garden inside Kiel Castle. There are other botanic gardens if you are interested in this kind of stuff. It has nice plants that can be seen only in Germany.

Kiel is definitely a town you want to see. This small list is just a tip of an iceberg.

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