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What to do in Kempten

Kempten is the biggest town in Allgäu, a district in the south-west of Bavaria, Germany. The populace was 64.000 three years ago. The range was settled initially by Celts, yet was later overwhelmed by the Romans, who called the town Cambodunum. Kempten is the most established urban settlement in Germany.Things to see here are:

1. St. Lorenz Basilica

St. Lorenz Basilica

St. Lorenz Basilica is basilica and it is the previous monastery church of the Benedictine Kempten Abbey. It is right now utilized as the church of the Roman Catholic of St. Lawrence in the Diocese of Augsburg. A congregation was based on the site in the thirteenth Century. Roman Giel of Gielsberg hired Michael Beer to assemble another church to serve the ward. The establishment stone of the Basilica of St. Lawrence was laid in 1652.This was one of the first huge houses of worship inherent Germany after the end of the Thirty Years' War.

3. Burghalde


Burghalde is a hill and this slope is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It was Roman castellum, in the Middle Ages the fortification of church. In 1488, the tower was included and the entire structure was fused into the city's strongholds. Annihilated to the ground in 1705, and later renovated by the government. Besides this hill, you can visit there the Allgäuer Burgenmuseum.

2. The Kempten University of Applied Sciences

The Kempten University of Applied Sciences

The Kempten University of Applied Sciences or Hochschule Kempten is a college of connected sciences in Kempten. During Thirty Years' War, it was one of the most established colleges in Europe. It is right choice for everyone who chose to attend it classes. Building is extraordinary and you must not skip to see it.

4. Bäckerstrasse


A line of old houses assembled from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century is main event of this tourist attraction. You can see corner of the Ankergässele with the Anchor's Gate, the last remaining path through the old city dividers. Stroll around here with your loved ones and forget about every day problems.

Kempten is a town with historic and monumental attraction for every man and woman. Take a trip to another dimension and enjoy in Kempten.

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