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What to visit in Kelburn

Kelburn is the small town in the capital city of New Zealand which lies between a sparkling harbour and green hills.

1. Tongarewa, Kelburn

Tongarewa, Kelburn

The first thing you should do is to visit the Te Papa Tongarewa – museum. It is modern and innovative place with bold art and it is famous because it is interactive with visitors and focused on them. Entrance is free and performances and shows are organized very often. Area of geology and natural stones have a lot of stories about Maori and their history. Maori are celebrated in every exhibition. It is open every day from 10am until 6pm.

3. Movie sets, Kelburn

Movie sets, Kelburn

When it comes to movies, there is no such person who will say it doesn’t like them. In Kelburn you can get into your favorite movie and be a hero for a couple of hours. Sure, that are movie tours and there are several types. First one will get you out of Welington and will show you familiar breathtaking scenic from Lord of the Rings. Lunch is included in this spectacular valley tour. Other is a little bit longer and it takes you to the village of Hobits at Hobbiton Woods where were filmed the first day of Lord of the Ring.In this package is included visit to Miramar and very popular Weta Cave. At the end, there is a huge one. It is combination of first two so you have full day of fun.

5. The Zoo, Kelburn

The Zoo, Kelburn

In the end, go to the zoo and enjoy in relaxing and peaceful walk and get closer to the unique animals such as Kiwi - the most famous bird here!

2. Carter Opservatory, Kelburn

Carter Opservatory, Kelburn

In the place where the sky is dark, don’t miss the chance to make your own first steps into exploring the universe. With best and modern equipment and telescopes and experience guide, get closer to the stars and discover the universe. Watch one of the planetarium shows We are all aliens and Wildest Weather in the Solar System. Planetarium will show you how life works. You can also find out about discovered planets. Second one is for more experienced and older visitors, because it is about weather phenomena in the solar system. After listening about other stars, which have massive storms, you will be happy that you are living on Earth.

4. Adrenaline Park, Kelburn

Adrenaline Park, Kelburn

Adrenaline park is a great place for adrenaline junkies. It is the place where you can be a Tarzan for a day. Before you start, you are informed about safety and other details about entering the course. It is made for every aged condition because it increases the level and height depending on the person. Run across rope bridges, and feel like flying while jumping from the 50m platforms. All that is constructed on canopy tree so you have feeling that you are flying through the forest.

If you are adventurous or want to slow down and relax this is the perfect place. These are some things that you should definitely try if you are in Kelburn.

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