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5 things to do and see in Kamsack

Kamsack is a small town in central Canadian province – Saskatchewan. This small and friendly town has little less then two thousand inhabitants.

1. Legion building

Legion building

Kamsack Branch 24 of the Royal Canadian Legion is located at 324 Second Street. It was declared as a provincial heritage property. The building was constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century by former Kamsack Mayor H. Harvey. Later, he sold the house to the Legion Branch. This is the very interesting three storeys building which was made of hardwood. It was renovated into suites where serviceman lived with their families. The building was completely renovated in 1972 and in 1981 to accommodate the needs of the Legion members. Today, this building is used to host social events for Legion and community events.

3. Power House Museum

Power House Museum

The former Power Building is today declared as a Municipal Heritage Property. It is located on the outskirts of Kamsack. The museum is settled in a one-storey industrial building constructed of brick. The heritage value of the Former Power Building lies in its architecture. The building was constructed in 1914-1915. The functional design of this building involves decorative elements that exude stability and modernity. The heritage value of the Former Power Building additionally lies in its association with the history of Kamsack. The generators from this building supplied this whole area with electricity.

5. Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Duck Mountain Provincial Park is located 12 minutes east of Kamsack. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Canada. It has several magnificent lakes and majestic hills. It features a huge variety of wildlife such as moose, deer, bears and wolves. This park is also a bird watchers paradise. There are hundreds of species of birds including geese, ducks and swans. There are also many smaller birds such as canaries and orioles. If you are in for some recreation, you can swim in Madge Lake, sun tan on one of the beaches, play golf, go horseback riding or take a hike or bike ride through one of the many trails. In the winter you can try snowmobile or ice skate. The park is also home to the Duck Mountain Ski Hill. It features 21 challenging runs, equipment rentals and a full service chalet.

2. Fort Livingstone

Fort Livingstone

Fort Livingstone is generally known as the Swan River Barracks. It was built at the end of the nineteenth century. This fort was the original headquarters and the first post built specifically for the North-West Mounted Police. It provided facilities for almost two hundred men. The building was destroyed by fire in 1884.

4. History Room

History Room

Kamsack’s historical documents and news stories are settled in the History Room. It is located in the Parkland Regional Library in the Crowstand Center. This attraction is open to the public only by appointment.

It is located in the Assiniboine River Valley and the surrounding nature is beautiful.

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