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What to do in Kalgoorlie

The name of the town derived from the word Karlkurla from Wagai people language meaning place of the silky pearls. Things to do in Kalgoorlie are fun and interesting, here are top three attractions.

1. Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum

This museum showcases the history of Eastern Goldfield, region where Kalgoorlie is settled, as well as the rich town's heritage. The museum has the largest collection of gold nuggets and bars and throughout many artifacts visitors can learn about the hard life of the first mining families during the early 1900s. In the museum there is also place called Headframe, where you can enjoy great panoramic view to the town. It is open daily from 10 am to 4,30, admission is free, but suggested donation is 5 dollars.

3. KCGM Super Pit

KCGM Super Pit

This is the great place that will certainly thrill you. The mine gives tons and tons of gold a year, and 750 personnel work there. Super Pit is about 370 meters deep, 1,5 kilometers wide and 3,5 kilometers long. This mean the depth is bellow the sea level. The mine is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm and gives the insight at this enormous mining operation and it is also possible to take a flight over The Super Pit - it will cost you 80 dollars for 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Broad Arrow

Broad Arrow

Welcome to so called 'Ghost Town'! Broad Arrow is the part of many ghost town tours in this area. Large amounts of the gold were found in this little town and there is a word that you can find gold today, too. The town once had 15,000 people, two breweries, eight pubs and a soft drink factory. The Broad Arrow Tavern is a historic stop off point, it is built in 1896 and you can take food there or even rent a room. Many tourists are thrilled by the fact there is a wall in the tavern where you can write your name on and there are already thousands of names. The place is definitely worth the visit.

The town has semi arid climate with mild winters and hot summers and the hottest month of the year is January. Things to do in Kalgoorlie are fun no matter which season you choose for a visit.

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