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Must see things in Kaikorua

Kaikoura is a town located on the east coast of South Island, New Zealand. Kaikoura is specific amongst many towns in New Zealand for reaching Green Globa certification standard in tourism. This beautiful town is wide open to the sea, and it is most famous for whaling and crayfishing. There are many interesting and joyful things to do here, you should check our list for more information.

1. Ohau Waterfall Walk and Seal Pups

Ohau Waterfall Walk and Seal Pups

Ohau Waterfall Walk and Seal Pups is top notch attraction where you can see seal pups laying around in water. Waterfall is amazing, and this little walk will be really energy booster for you and your family. Just be sure to visit it before seal pups start their trip to the ocean, because you will not able to see them if you come late.

3. Seal Colony

Seal Colony

Seal Colony is a local attraction in Kaikoura. If you never reach out your hand and touch a seal, it is a perfect opportunity to do so. Although this attraction is not so close, it is definitely worth seeing it. Beautiful and natural place is definitely favourite place for many visitors.

5. Fyffes House

Fyffes House

Fyffes House maybe look unattractive and simple from the outside at a glance, but if you take a good look of their interiours, you will see some great historic place made of whale bones. You will found out many usefull informations about Kaikoura history, people who lived there and much more.

2. Peninsula Walkway

Peninsula Walkway

Peninsula Walkway is a path along the cliffs, with amazing paysage and colorful landing. If the rain catches you, be prepared and take some boots with you, just for a case. Seals are also main attraction on this location. You can see it right in front of you. This mixture of dirty tracks and peaceful walkway is perfect for a small adventure.

4. Kaikoura Visitor Centre

Kaikoura Visitor Centre

If you find yourself first time in Kaikoura, Kaikoura Visitor Centre is a great place to start. Friendly stuff will guide you through Kaikoura and they will provide you with all informations and answers you need to here. Do not be shy to make a question no matter what. Experienced stuff will help you what so ever.

All in all, Kaikoura is a place to be. Town with great surroundings, wonderful sightseeing and friendly people will surely melt your heart and provide you enjoyable time. For many years, Kaikoura is one the most visited place in New Zealand.

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