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What to see in Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi is a town in the Waimakariri District of the Canterbury area, in the South Island of New Zealand. The town is placed more or less 17 kilometres north of focal Christchurch, at the banks of the Waimakariri River. Things to do and see in Kaiapoi are:

1. The Old Railway Station

The Old Railway Station

The Railway Station was constructed by a draftsman named George Troup and it was opened on 5 February 1904. It swapped a more advanced in years building from 1872. George Troup is celebrated internationally for building New Zealand's most lovely route station. The building was moved to its current site on 3 April 2002. It was restored by the Kaiapoi Railway Station Trust and is taken care of by the volunteers of this organisation.

3. Mandeville Footbridge

Mandeville Footbridge

The Mandeville Bridge is an extremely old wooden development. The Mandeville footbridge was developed in 1874 to permit school kids to stroll to the Kaiapoi School. Around then it arrived at the extent of Charles Street on the other side of the stream to scaffold the marsh on the riverbank. This region has now turned into a recreation center.

5. Mountain Bike Hire

Mountain Bike Hire

One of the best ways to explore this area is by mountain bike. Suitable for all fitness levels as they have a great selection of short or long bike trails. Hire a mountain bike, grab a local map and explore the suggested routes or talk to our local expert staff about where best to go.

2. Trousselot Park

Trousselot Park

It is named after H. W. Trousselot, the first Chairman of the Kaiapoi. The ground was fenced, cleared, ploughed and first sown in 1926. In 1946, the recreation center was given over to the Kaiapoi Borough Council to be overseen as an open space save. A War Memorial plaque for the Second World War sits on top of the recreation center.

4. War Memorial

War Memorial

When crossing the stream on the left half of Williams Street, you come to Kaiapoi's War Memorial. The Memorial was raised in 1922, and uncovered on 26 April. It was chiseled by the Christchurch Stonemason William Thomas Trethewey, and made of a five tonne piece of Italian Carrara marble.

This magnetic town, placed north of the Waimakariri River, was a significant exchanging focus in the 1850s and 60s, when its conduits permitted cutters, boats and oar steamers to administration the requirements of the pioneers. In prior times, it was the site of the Ngai Tahu tribe's biggest settlement.

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