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Must to see and visit in Jacksonville, Florida

Making the list of the things to do in Jacksonville is difficult because different people have different preferences. We have given our best to try and find something in Jacksonville for everybody.

1. Riverside Arts Market

Riverside Arts Market

There are many unique things about this market; one of them is that it is located under the bridge and thus might be slightly difficult to find. If you would like to try some organic food, homemade cheese, and also have a chance to see some great art pieces (even if you do not intend to buy them), this market is the right place for you. Friendly vendors behind colorful stalls bring extra charm to Riverside Arts Market.

3. Now and Zen - charter sail

Now and Zen - charter sail

Sailing on the beautiful catamaran-type sailboat will leave many of you breathless. You can choose between a day sail and a sunset sail. You can order classy dinners and have a glass of quality wine. This boat has the capacity of maximum 12 people, so take your friends with you and enjoy!

5. Museum of Science and History

Museum of Science and History

First of all, the staff in this museum is very knowledgeable and you will learn a lot from them when you visit it. There are many exciting exhibits, especially in the science part of the museum. In the historic part you will learn a lot about native American culture and history of the Jacksonville area.

2. The French Pantry

The French Pantry

A lovely restaurant called The French Pantry is located in Powers Avenue and is a big hit among both the locals and the tourists. For all of those who enjoy good food and great desserts, French Pantry is the place to go.

4. Cummer Museum and Gardens

Cummer Museum and Gardens

Beautiful gardens by the river surround the gallery in which you can see some delightful artworks, what more could you wish for? Free entrance? - It is possible if you come on Thursdays in the afternoon hours.

When you come to Florida, you will discover that there are many things to do in Jacksonville. Choose the ones you find the most interesting and start exploring this Florida gem - town.

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