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Ituzaingó-5 things to do and see

Ituzaingó is the capital of the Ituzaingó Partido in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan region, Argentina, west of Buenos Aires. Things to see here are:

1. San Martín Plaza

San Martín Plaza

Ituzaingó was capital of the Ituzaingó region of Buenos Aires almost twenty years ago, when the partido was made. Structures of more than three stories were disallowed and most houses are one and only story high. The shopping region close to the train station is spotted encompassing a square, where shows, social occasions and events are held on weekends.

3. Anthropological Museum Ituzaingo

Anthropological Museum Ituzaingo

A place where you can see lots of information about past of this small town. You can visit it with your family and friends. It is definitely recommended but most of tourists they were already there.

5. Antares


Antares is craft brewery. It was opened in 1998 in Mar del Plata and since then they try to make the best beers. Taste, aesthetics, and aroma come together in one beer. You can meet new people here and spend your time talking to others. In Antares, you can learn about brewing tradition and culture. They serve more than eight varieties of craft beer, accompanied by tapas, snacks, and food.

2. Represa Entidad Binacional Yacyreta

Represa Entidad Binacional Yacyreta

Binational Entity is excellent place guided by very good people, and you will feel lucky to enter it. You will be amazed with see the size of the turbines and water power, it is highly recommended to visit it. This dam is extraordinary. The tour was enjoyable. The young lady will guide you and got all questions answered from visitors. Only the beginning of the film is surprisingly explanatory. It is a ride not to be missed.

4. Field Museum

Field Museum

There are very interesting objects worth knowing. It runs a small museum in a short time, staff are very friendly. It has cafe in it, and best relaxation area in a single space, decorated with original pieces from ancient times. Museum offers quality displays and lots of information if you are curious about its past.

You can feel young again in Ituzaingo while you drink beer and drink pinacoladas in the restaurant or a bar.

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