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Things to do in Iserlohn

Iserlohn is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is one of fifteen municipal districts of Merkis center. City has a population of over 95,000 inhabitants. Iserlohn is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the district Merkis. The city is situated at an altitude of almost two hundred and fifty meters. The municipality is over one hundred squared kilometers wide.

1. The Danzturm

The Danzturm, spotted on the southern hill the old city, and it is a historic point and offered on the logo of the nearby distillery. The tower characteristics offers astounding perspectives of the valley and encompassing hills and is interested in general society with a little hotel at the base.

3. Iserlohn box

An Iserlohn box is copper or metal box for tobacco which regularly has an engraved symbol portraying a metaphorical or natural scene or a picture of Frederick the Great. The cases date from eighteenth Century Iserlohn in Westphalia and the Netherlands. It is important historic item for Iserlohn.

2. The Dechen Cave at Iserlohn

The Dechen Cave at Iserlohn is a standout amongst the most excellent and most popular attractions in Germany. It is found in the northern piece of the Sauerland at Iserlohn. It is very long and it is open for guests, starting at the spot where the cave was found. The cave is named after Oberberghauptmann Heinrich von Dechen.

4. The Park Theatre

The Park Theatre was built fifty years ago by the architects Ernst and Hans Dossmann. The right part beside is Old Hall, but it was renamed to Park Hall. Mayor Alfred Potthoff opened the Park Theatre in 1964. The opening performance was the German Theater Göttingen with the comedy Twelfth Night. In the theater, there are two venues, Big House with eight hundred seats, and Studio stage with seating for one hundred spectators. TIn the gallery events it could take place up to 250 people. It can be combined with the foyer.

Iserlohn is true historic town in Germany, and you can enjoy in several attractions while you are on vacation.

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