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5 things to do and see in Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt is a city on the Danube in Bavaria with over 130,000 residents. Ingolstadt is second largest city of Upper Bavaria and Munich and fifth largest city in Bavaria. Since the city in 1989 surpassed the mark of 100,000 inhabitants, is it Germany's youngest big city. Ingolstadt was formed in 1472 as the seat of the first Bavarian university, who later distinguished himself as the center of the Counter-Reformation. Illuminati was also founded here. In Ingolstadt, the Bavarian Purity Law was adopted for beer in 1516.

1. Theater


After the old theater was destroyed during the Second World War, it took many years before a new theater was built. The new Stadttheater Ingolstadt was designed by Hardt Walt Hämer and offers over six hundred displays. It has four smaller parts. The House on the tower Baur, the open air stage, the studio have more than five hundred performances a year. The theater is being renovated at great expense in 2007, a general renovation is planned this year.

3. Town Museum

Town Museum

The Town Museum Ingolstadt has numerous exhibits and they are shown regularly. They are illustrating the development of the city and the region from the earliest times to the present day. Since 1998, Museum has toy department. Area Of the museum is under private ownership. It shows car industry history, for example in the form of more than 50 cars and more than 30 vehicles and motorcycles. The Modern art is represented in Ingolstadt museum mainly by the Museum of Concrete Art.

5. Old Castle

Old Castle

Castle in Ingolstadt, also called Old Castle is a Gothic building from the 13th century and now houses the city library. The Duke castle was built in thirteenth century and is the oldest building in the city. It has wall tower, also from the 13th century. The Chörlein on the narrow western side of the castle shows where once stood the castle chapel. When completed, building was not used until the completion of the new castle in the 15th century.

2. Army Museum

Army Museum

Ingolstadt has a total of 13 different museums. The largest and oldest museum in the city is the Bavarian army museum with a collection of weapons, equipment, uniforms, flags, and all about Bavarian army. The museum is housed in the New Castle and in Reduit Tilly and covers military history from up to and including the First World War. It was opened in forty years ago and if you are into this war stuff, don't miss it.

4. Georgian Chamber Orchestra

Georgian Chamber Orchestra

Ingolstadt is the hometown of several known music artists and bands. These include in particular the hard rock band Bonfire and Dance Project Groove Coverage. But, if you are into classical music, The Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt can refer to an excellent orchestra. Orchestra has numerous choirs active and they are performing together. You can enjoy in all types of music, if you are into art and classical style.

In Ingolstadt, you can see various things and explore them. The Jewish synagogue was located in the residential area south of the old town in the area near Hospital Road. Persecution of the Jews happened in the fourteenth century. After the expulsion of almost one and a half thousand Jewish people, some of its ancesters came back in the nineteenth century.

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