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Things to see and do in Indian Head

Indian Head is a town in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. It is situated 43 miles east of Regina. It was established in 1882 as the first settlers, mainly of Scottish origin, pushed into the area in advance of the railroad.

1. Indian Head Museum

Indian Head Museum

It is located in the historic 1907 Indian Head Fire Hall. The museum is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the history of Indian Head. The property consists of the main fire hall building, back room that was formerly a horse stable, the museum yard, the military building, the garage and the carpenter and blacksmith shops. Two exhibits that shouldn't be missed are the Jubilee School and the Bell Barn Cottage. The Bell Barn Cottage is the last remaining cottage built and used by the hired help on the Bell Farm in the eighteenth century. It has been restored and furnished with period household items. The Jubilee School was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was donated to the Museum and restored on the museum grounds complete with desks, blackboards and school supplies. The museum also has an extensive collection of five thousand artifacts and photos from the past of this area.

3. Tourist Booth & Statue

Tourist Booth & Statue

If a visitor ever driven past Indian Head it will certainly notice their giant statue of a Chiefs Head that is located at the tourist booth off Highway #1. This statue makes a great photo opportunity. It is here where visitors can pick up a map of town and any other tourist information they might need.

5. Rural Sports Hall of Fame

Rural Sports Hall of Fame

If you are a sport lover, the Rural Sports Hall of Fame is a must see attraction. This museum is full of memorabilia from all types and levels of sports. There are items from the hockey, professional baseball, Olympic sports etc. You will find a plenty of sports history artifacts here.

2. Historic Bell Barn

Historic Bell Barn

In 1882 the Canadian Pacific Railway pushed construction of first transcontinental railway in Canada, across the Saskatchewan region. Before it reached the future site of Indian Head, a massive corporate farm was being built but a mile north of the railway. Now, over 130 years later, this farm and the unique round barn have been restored and have a number of stories to tell to its visitors.

4. Spray Park and Pool

Spray Park and Pool

If you want to cool off during the summer heat this the right place. The Spray Park and pool is located in Dixon Park and it is the perfect place to beat the heat. The newly built spray park has a number of different water features for children and adults of all ages. Beside the pool, it also has offers a slide, a diving board, a basketball net and a number of pool toys for everyone to enjoy.

The town is well known for its government operated experimental farm and tree nursery. It was incorporated as a town in 1902.

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