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Things to see and visit in Houston, Texas

Houston, we have a problem. It is very hard limit a text to only few things to do in Houston when there are so many possibilities. Here are some attractions, places and sights that you should viit when in Houston.

1. Taste of Texas Restaurant

Taste of Texas Restaurant

When in Texas, eat like a Texan. In this fabulous restaurant you will have a chance to explore the tastes of Texas at their best. Whether you order a grilled T-bone steak, or classic Texas ribs, you will be delighted. This is a pretty posh place for a steakhouse, and yet it is not too expensive. However, you might want to book a table because this is one of the best restaurants in Houston.

3. Museum District

Museum District

There is a part of Houston called Museum District. There are 18 museums situated within the walking distance. Whether you are passionate about fine arts, history or science, you will find a museum you will love. There are many excellent restaurants in the area, so you can stop for lunch when you get hungry.

2. NASA Johnson Space Center

NASA Johnson Space Center

Is it possible to visit Houston without seeing the famous space centre where many space missions were launched from? We think it is not. Even if you are not a space enthusiast, this impressive centre will amaze you. Who would not like to get the insight in some of the NASA's greatest exploits? There is one negative thing, though; the organized tour of Johnson Space Centre is quite pricy.

4. Splashtown


As you might assume, Houston is a very hot city. When you get tired of walking the streets of Houston in the heath, pay a visit to Splashtown waterpark. Fun is guaranteed for the whole family, and you will feel refreshed after sliding down the waterslide.

Those were some of the best things to do in Houston. In Houston you will feel at home. Friendly people and good food are some of Houston's best features.

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