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What to see in Hokitika

Be prepared to experience something good and unique in the small town of Hokitika. Hokitika is located near the river with the same name, around 40 km south of Greymouth. Hokitika is situated right across Mount Cook, which can be seen on the clear beautiful day.

1. The Gold Room

The Gold Room

As a goldmine centre, it would be very strange that Hokitika does not have a place like The Gold Room. Gold Room is a house with so many gold nuggets designed as a beautiful jewellery. Owner of this house is a well known jeweller who creates jewellery in every form. You can get yourself some good luck charm as a memento from The Gold Room.

3. Wilderness Wings

Wilderness Wings

Although name of this facility is similar, Wilderness Wings in nothing about closed space. On the contrary, Wilderness Wings will give you energy to fly high in the top class operating airplane. You will enjoy this breatthtaking trip, while our experienced pilots will give you enough information for every spot you see.

5. Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve

Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve

Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve is amazing geologic formation where you can see untouched nature and wildlife area. This place is perfect for a easy walk over the beautiful water. Main attractions of the Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve are Lake Kaniere, with many walks and tracks where you can swim and bike, Dorothy Falls, amazing waterfall that will cool you off, and a suspense bridge, to give you adrenaline rush.

2. National Kiwi Centre

National Kiwi Centre

Kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand. This National Kiwi Centre is well known Kiwi Centre with fair and affordable price. On this spot, you can see beautiful aquariums. Step into the glance of one ordinary day of a Kiwi. Displays in Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve are amazing, and definitely a first choice for visiting for many tourists.

4. Wilderness Gallery

Wilderness Gallery

When you say Hokitika, you think about wilderness for the very fist second. This place is all about wilderness and wildlife. Wilderness Gallery is a modern gallery in the centre of Hokitika. This place is perfect to learn more about Hokitika and its wilderness. There are so many beautiful photos in here, one is more beautiful than the other. If you like magic, you will love Wilderness Gallery.

Hokitika was gold mine at first. It was most popular gold mine in this area until late 18th century. Later, easy transportation systems and good climate turned this small area into very popular place to visit.

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