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Things to see and do in Hilden

Hilden is a city in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. It is arranged in the District of Mettmann, ten kilometers west of Solingen and east of Düsseldorf. It is a modern town with a woods and various attractions. Things to see here are:

1. The Wilhelm Fabry Museum

The Wilhelm Fabry Museum is a city history museum in the town center with a focus on medical and industrial history. Name of the museum is given because of the surgeon Wilhelm Fabry. He was also known by his Latinized name Guilelmus Hildanus, is regarded as one of the founders of scientific surgery. He was born just a few hundred meters from the site of the museum named after him.

3. The Hilden Jazz Festival

The Hilden Jazz Festival is an annual summer music festival with about 6000 visitors per season. You can come to this event with you friends and enjoy good music. Among the artists are musicians from the German jazz scene as well as internationally known artists. Among the most famous guests included Billy Cobham, Nigel Kennedy, Jeff Berlin and many more. Although the festival is based on the jazz genre, often occur musicians from different genres of music such as modern jazz, fusion, funk, latin, blues, rock and others.

5. The School of Music

The School of Music Hilden is a public educational institution for children, adolescents and adults in Hilden. In 1971, music school was founded with two thousand students and more than 70 teachers and lecturers. The music school is making music projects every year. It gives the regular Christmas concerts at the Stadthalle Hilden. Partnerships exist since 1978 with the Warrington and District Youth Orchestra.

2. The Carnival Parade

The Carnival Parade in Hilden is held on saturday and sunday, and additionaly monday or tuesday. It is a parade where you can enjoy with your family and friends.

4. The Rheinische Post

The Rheinische Post is daily newspaper and a part of one of the largest regional newspapers subscribers in Germany. It is published since 1946 and you can learn everything about everyday activities if you know German language.

Hilden is a town where you can see many new and interesting things. You can come in every part of the year.

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