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Things to do and see in Higashi

Higashi is a private region of the Shibuya in Tokyo. Higashi houses the extremely popular Liquid room venue, with many artists from Japan music scene. Sovereign Hitachi and Princess Hitachi have their castle in Higashi too. Things to do here are:

1. Tokyo Toy Museum

Tokyo Toy Museum

Placed in the previous Shinjuku Kuritsu Yotsuya Elementary School, Tokyo Toy Museum displays Japanese toys, as well as those from everywhere in the world! It is a spot for all ages. You can see customary Japanese toys to table games, the exhibition hall. There is no parking here, but you can use city transportation easily.

3. Bat Center

Bat Center

Bat center is a place where you can enjoy your baseball experience and give it a try. Baseball is very popular sport in Japan, and this is a just to see how real baseball players hit the balls.

2. Brets


Opened in late 2013, this bread shop and boutique is placed on a calm side road in Shin-Okubo and continues to bake tasty things throughout the day, so you can get crisp bread and cakes whenever you want. Costs are affordable.

4. Fuji Center

Fuji Center

The primary lobby of this open social place offers chance to meet all kinds of people. Lobby is a great area for any type of meeting and conference call, if you have need for it.

Higashi is not a big city, but it will give you opportunity to try and see so many new things. Visit Higashi and you will remember it forever!

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