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What to see and do in Herne

Herne is a city in North Rhine Westphalia and it is located in the Ruhr area directly between the cities of Bochum and Gelsenkirchen. Like most other cities in the region, Herne was a tiny village until the nineteenth century. When the mining of coal and the production of steel began, the villages of the Ruhr area became cities. Herne includes the former settlements of Herne, Wanne and Eickel. In the following thirty years the population increased twenty times.

1. Cranger Kirmes

A fair called Cranger Kirmes is held in the city's Crange district every first week of August. This is the second largest festival in Germany with an average of around four million visitors. Its origins can be traced back to the fifteenth century, when farmers started trading horses on Saint Lawrence’s Day. That is why the official opening always takes place on the first Friday in August. The horse market tradition is kept up, by arranging a horse show and horse equipment sales at the same place where horses were traded years ago. Today there are about five hundred stalls every year covering over one hundred thousand square metres.

3. Bahndammbar

Bahndammbar is a place for hangouts for railway fans. Here, you can usually find good fun in a rustic settings. This is usually good starting point of many photo and video tours where you can buy yourself a refreshment after the tour. Enjoy cold beer, good music and nice conversation, you can end the day well.

2. The LWL Museum

The LWL Museum is nice building, where you can feel transported back through time and it is definitely nice experience. It is highly recommended for an exciting and informative afternoon. Here, you can learn about the history of mankind in Westphalia is traced from the early Stone Age to the post-war period based on found objects. There are interactive displays and special displays with nice story that follows.

4. LAGO Die Therme

Twenty years ago, you would get the impression that nothing has been renovated here for the entrance hall. But, this is exactly a reason to visit this place, it has a spirit of old times. It has a swimming pool where you can enjoy with your family, staff is very friendly and showers are warm and pleasant.

Herne is a complete fun town for whole family. You can swim, you can walk around and you will never get bored.

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