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Things to do in Hereford

Hereford is a great place to do some research. Created as the ideal city in the ideal setting, Hereford has numerous mysteries to uncover. Here is our list of things to do:

1. Berrington


Here in one of Henry Holland's first houses, you can investigate the family rooms and stroll in the servants' strides down the back stairs, moving around the house unseen by the family and visitors. You will figure out what happened to William Kemp, Lordcawley's steward, and run across the fields of the First World War. On the other hand why not join a beneath stairs tour to check whether you might have loved being a servant at Berrington?

3. Whitney Bridge

Whitney Bridge

Historic Whitney-on-Wye single track Toll Bridge goes all the way from 1779. One of only a couple of stayings in England, two prior scaffolds were washed away by the solid stream flows and a stone and timber development. It is open 365 days a year with stopping and riverside cookout territory. Come and fish, kayak, excursion or camp. Flawless setting for outdoors part path through your kayak outing - on the banks of the River Wye at Whitney Toll Bridge. Quite peaceful and private little campground with blaze pit, immediate kayak launch and stopping.

5. St. Francis Xaviers Church

St. Francis Xaviers Church

St. Francis Xaviers Church in Hereford is near Hereford Cathedral and well worth a visit. Initially inherent in the 1830 and remodeled in the 1990. Tragically, for example a great deal of churches it is not dependably totally open. To the right of the high holy place which is an imitation of one in Rome, you will see a glass coffin which holds the hand of St John Kemble who was hanged drawn and quartered on Widemarsh Common.

2. Battlelands Paintball

Battlelands Paintball

Come experience paintballing in the Herefordshire wide open 60 plot of land yards site. 3 separate zones with up to 15 situations to participate in. Come immediate to Battlelands and they will guarantee you get an exceptional arrangement.

4. Moors Meadow

Moors Meadow

Look at worldwide mix of plants and natural life species, its creativity of outline and production of the interesting characteristics and models. This mystical 7-plot land is a "Must See".

Hereford offers peace and tranquillity and overflowing with once in a while seen plants from far and wide. The wandering ways will lead you through noteworthy greenery, fernery, grass enclosure and spring arrangement.

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