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What to do and see in Heinsberg

Heinsberg is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is situated at an altitude of over seventy meters with an area of over ninety square kilometers. It has over forty thousand people.

1. Church of St. Gangolf

Church of St. Gangolf

St. Gangolf is a church with choir designed in the late Gothic style. It is a church from the 15th century with amazing dimensions. Structure is unique with tower aisles in contrast with simple roof. It was build in Romanesque crypt of the previous building from year 1145. You can see relics of Saint Hedwig of Silesia.

3. High Road

High Road

Hochstrasse can be seen near Lennartzschen house from the fifteen century. Museum of Art and regional history center is in near area too. Lennartz house has amazing decorated garden with figures of Gothic style. It was redesigned in the 18th century in the Baroque style. On the high street is also one of the few Heinsberger town houses. After the great fire in seventeen century, it was renovated.

5. Railway


Train is main transport vehicle in this town. It consists of Heinberg connection with Aachen and Mönchengladbach. If you want to visit this neighbourhood towns, don't miss a chance to do it. However, station is closed over thirty years ago, so you must use your car or a bus to do it. Bus station has very modern buses and it has great connection with other cities and areas.

2. Torbogenhaus


In the area of Church Hill, parts of the medieval fortifications can be seen with two towers around it. This area of the city was fortified four hundred years ago. Pasqualini designed fortificatio as a member of service of Duke Wilhelm. It is actually very modern fortification.

4. Schlangenkapellchen


The Schlangenkapellchen is located on the edge of downtown of town next to the cloister. It is monastery chapel, a small baroque brick building dating from the 17th century. It has wood arrangements and chronogram in front of it. It is popular monument by many tourists.

Heinsberg is splendid town to visit. It offers fun, history lessons and many many more. It is established near Netherland, and it has nice climate.

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