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Heidelberg-5 things to do and see

Heidelberg is a city near the river Neckar and is located in southeast Germany. It is the fifth largest city and one of the favorite tourist destinations. Almost 150,000 people live in this small town that draws sighs of its visitors. Things you can see in Heidelberg are:

1. Old city of Heidelberg

Old city of Heidelberg

The old city is located next to the river Neckar, and in it you can see the old buildings from earlier periods. In this section there is a marketplace where you can shop a bunch of food, drinks and souvenirs from this area. This includes the main street, where walking can visit all the shops and markets in one breath.

3. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style and was built in honor of Prince Ruprecht Third. For many years it was a royal residence, and today is one of the most fascinating castles in Germany. Throughout history, the castle was reconstructed with the new towers and fortresses. In its vicinity is the garden that is beautiful decoration and environment.

5. Church of Holy Spirit

Church of Holy Spirit

Church in the center of the marketplace is located near the castle and rises up as the main attraction for tourists. It was first mentioned in the thirteenth century, and was built on the place even older church. Arnold Rype was the main architect of the church and was responsible for its preservation.

2. Old stone bridge

Old stone bridge

Old stone bridge was built 250 years ago and represents the connection with the outside world. Interesting detail of the tower are helmets which were added a few years later. The bridge is one of the major tourist attractions in this part of Germany.

4. Bibliotheca Palatina

Bibliotheca Palatina

Bibliotheca Palatina is the main library full of historical material and documents. It can read all the important information about historical events in Heidelberg and it surroundings. Collection library is a fascinating and very valuable. Hand written works from the sixteenth century is something that you absolutely must see. Library is open for all those who wants to learn more about Heidelberg history and to read facts about this small town.

Heidelberg is a beautiful historic city in which you will definitely enjoy.

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