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Things to see in Hattingen

Hattingen is the second largest city in the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located in the southern part of the Ruhr area. Hattingen was founded on a top of the Ruhr and has a well-preserved historic center with numerous half-timbered houses. The center city is at an altitude above sea level.

1. The Protestant Church St. George

The Protestant Church St. George

The Protestant Church St. Georg is a church building in Hattingen. It is located in the historic center on the church square. The church was rebuilt in 1200 from Ruhr sandstone. Remains of a Romanesque style house and two column bases from the period before 900 ad were discovered in 1972 during excavations inside the church. The church was the center of local development. Wars led to the destruction of Hattingen and the church. Walled windows and keystone above and behind the organ case are still preserved. Around 1500, the rebuilding was completed.

3. The station Hattingen

The station Hattingen

The station Hattingen is the main railway station of the town of Hattingen. With the breakpoint at Hattingen center, it has a second access point to public transport. The construction of the station building started in 1868. In 1870, it was inaugurated. The building is a multi-unit building from Ruhr sandstone, with a three-store tower on the inside. The station is located on the opened in this area in 1869.

2. The bell tower

The bell tower

The bell tower in Hattingen is the bell tower of the former St John's Church built in the 1737. Before the construction of the church, there was wine house here. As the church inherited the building, they demolished it to build the St. John's Church. In World War II, area was destroyed by bombs. Only the bell tower with a Baroque dome was restored. The banker and entrepreneur Leo Gottwald donated a carillon for him.

4. Recreation area

Recreation area

Importance for recreation and walking is huge in Hattingen. Forests, lakes landscapes or sports areas are designated as recreation areas. The recreation area has not necessarily the status of a nature reserve. Even a small lake in the city may have the function of an outdoor recreation area for an urban region.

Hattingen is great town for both children and adults. Visit it with your friends and family and you will remember it forever.

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