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What to do and see in Hanover

Hanover, the capital and largest city of Lower Saxony in Germany is likely known by all the world's largest information technology trade fair - CeBIT, which takes place every year in March at the surface of a whopping 450 000m2 and can accommodate more than 700 000 visitors. However, Hanover has to offer much more than that.

1. Neues Rathaus

Neues Rathaus

During World War II, nearly three-quarters of the city was destroyed, and in today's Hanover we could only see a small number of buildings that have held the pre-war architecture. As far as Hanover was destroyed, it can be best seen in the models of the new city assembly. Also, here are exposed models of Hanover from 1689 and 1939, and Hanover as it is today. Do not miss a tour of the New City Hall, built in the time of the king of Hanover. Construction lasted for twelve years, and was officially opened in 1913. The city hall is an elevator that leads to a lookout point at about 100 m height from which the view of the beautiful Hanover.

3. Sea Life Hannover

Sea Life Hannover

Across from Herrenhäuser Garten, large aquarium Sea Life is settled, where you can meet the most diverse river and marine life that live in the river line, but also in the Caribbean Sea or the Amazon - marine stingrays, sharks, piranhas, seahorses.

5. Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle

This beautiful Gothic castle is located near Hanover, specifically in the municipality Pattensen. It is owned by Prince Ernst August of Hanover. And although it is not fully open to the public, it certainly has a worth to visit. Of course, parts of the castle are open to tourists for example - the castle museum, restaurant, chapel and can be reserved for weddings, concerts and other events.

2. Large gardens (Herrenhäuser Garten)

Large gardens (Herrenhäuser Garten)

On the ruins of the old Hanover, modern city that is rich in greenery was built, and the best example of this is Herrenhauser Garten. Here are the magnificent green gardens. They are located on both sides of Herrenhäuser Avenue. On the left, English park is located, and on the right there is Berggarten, a botanical garden and typical houses with flowers and orchids.

4. August Kestner Museum

August Kestner Museum

Museum August Kestner, formerly known as just Kestner Museum, was founded in 1889. Located in the northern part of Hanover, Maschpark, known for its rich collection of Egyptian artifacts, as well as the applied and decorative arts. In addition, there is also a collection of various artifacts and works of art depicting the history of Hanover. The collections are divided in ancient Egypt, classical antiquity, numismatics and handicrafts.

Hanover is also the town and the outdoor exhibition, the proof of which is the famous "Red thread" - red line drawn through the streets and sidewalks and that leads to all the important places in the city. Hanover will be very easy to manage, because all you have to do is follow it.

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