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What to see in Hamilton

Hamilton is famous for its nice green hills, black sand surf beaches and underground beauty. For those who love nature based activities or vibrant city centre, Hamilton is a great destination.

1. Hamilton Zoo

Hamilton Zoo

Hamilton Zoo is one of the best places to go with a whole family. Special visits include big free-flight aviary and face to face animal encounters. There are plenty of wild animals to see like monkeys, lemurs, giraffes, tigers, etc.

3. Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum offers deep insight into the Maori history and agricultural part of the Hamilton’s history. There are regular exhibitions together with other events held in nearby galleries.

5. Casabella Lane

Casabella Lane

When you decide to explore the city itself, you will find that there are many places for shopping like Casabella Lane, CentrePlace and Charwell malls or the biggest shopping complex, The Base.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride is the best and most beautiful way to explore the city itself as well as the wider region. The best time to take this ride is early in the morning. The view is spectacular. You can also enjoy a champagne breakfast along the way.

4. Casino


Casino is one of the first choices for many visitors. Sky City Hamilton has a big casino, various sports bars, restaurants and Megazone. Beside that, you can take your family to try Ten-pin bowling, Lasertag or Timezone.

Hamilton is a great place to visit, stay and enjoy. There is something for everyone so you won’t be disappointed.

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