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5 things to do and see in Hamburg

Hamburg, a large port in the north of Germany , at the confluence of the rivers Alster and Elbe in the Bill, is often called the city of bridges. This beautiful city has more than Venice, Amsterdam and London together - and thus is this city with the most bridges in Europe. Otherwise, the second largest city in Germany, after Berlin and the sixth largest city in the European Union.

1. The Church of St. Michael (St. Michaelis Kirche)

The Church of St. Michael (St. Michaelis Kirche)

After visiting the famous Hamburg's port, which you probably will not miss it, if you do not have a problem with height be sure to visit the Church of St. Michael or simply Michaelis, a kind symbol of the city. It is recognizable by a tower as high as 132m and time on it, which is very long served as a landmark. On the tower, on which you can climb on 450 steps or elevator, there is a platform with a beautiful panoramic view, especially at night when it's a completely different experience.

3. Park plants and flowers ( Planten un Blomen Park )

Park plants and flowers ( Planten un Blomen Park )

If you perceive Hamburg with heights or water, it's a fantastic place designed for relaxation on the ground and that is exactly what this park is spread over 47 acres covered with greenery, flowers, a beautiful fountain with light effects. This botanical garden is a masterpiece of landscaping. Flowerbeds are the perfect backdrop for concerts that are performed daily during the summer season, while in the winter season, the actual large outdoor skating is open. Take some time and see the beauty of this park .

5. Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon

Horror show and the real history of Hamburg in one place! It is understood that this place should visit only the bravest. With stunning special effects, scary tricks technology and professional actors waiting for you to drive 90 minutes through the six-year history of Hamburg, to hell and back. Be prepared to deal with the plague, the Inquisition, the great fire of the 1842, execution pirate Klaus Störtebeker a 1,401th there waiting for drifting and flooded the city in a small boat. Arm yourself with courage and successfully avoid the plague and escape the brutal methods of torture. Good Luck!

2. Art museum (Kunsthalle Hamburg)

Art museum (Kunsthalle Hamburg)

Hamburg Kunsthalle is one of the largest and most important art museums in Germany. If you are an admirer of art this is an opportunity to enjoy this impressive collection of art in one place. Over 700 years of European art history presented in the Kunsthalle, from medieval to modern altar paintings. Here are some of the masterpieces - Rembrandt, Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch. The museum consists of three buildings built in different periods and covers approximately 13 000m2 and represents also an architectural attraction of the city.

4. tropical aquarium Hagenbeck (Tropen -Aquarium Hagenbeck)

tropical aquarium Hagenbeck (Tropen -Aquarium Hagenbeck)

Experience a truly exciting and unusual journey into the world of the rainforest in Hagenbeck tropical aquarium where you can see over 14 000 animals in an area of ??8 000 square meters . Find a real jungles, caves and in front of the tropical oceans, while colorful parrots fly over above you, a quick rush lemurs in the trees and huts. If you have this kind of adventure , do not miss this tropical aquarium.

Hamburg is now really full of nice destinations. Certainly, Hamburg is a city of unforgettable pleasure and a great destination for perfect vacations.

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