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Things to do and see in Hagen

Hagen is the 41st-biggest city in Germany, found in the government state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is spotted on the south eastern edge of the Ruhr range where the waterways Lenne and Volme meet the stream Ruhr. In 2010 the populace was 188,500. The city is home to the Fernuniversität Hagen, which is the main state college in Germany.

1. LWL-Freilichtmuseum


Hagen is home to the LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen, or Hagen Open-air Museum, an accumulation of modern offices where exchanges, for example, printing, preparing, processing, and numerous others are spoken to not just as static presentations, because guests might sometimes even be welcome to take part in. It is spotted close to the Hagen group of Eilpe.

3. The Autobahnen

The Autobahnen

Hagen has been a rail intersection for the southeastern Ruhr valley since the first rail line opened in 1848. It is among Germany's biggest, and the main stations with the ICE system of Deutsche Bahn and in addition to nearby and S-Bahn. Since 2005, Hagen has additionally been the beginning stage for another administration into Essen.

2. The Historical Center

The Historical Center

The Historical Center contains the Museum of the City and the Werdringen mansion. It has most established fossils in Westphalia and the Ruhr were found. Some go back from the early Mesolithic, 10,700 years B.c. It appears that the relatives of Mesolithic people are yet here.

4. BBV Hagen

BBV Hagen

BBV Hagen is an expert ball club from Hagen in Germany. It is the successor of Brandt Hagen, an expert club that had respectable achievement in the German Basketball Bundesliga. In 1990, the club was shaped by SSV Goldstar Hagen and TSV Hagen 1860. The two clubs were among the establishing parts of the Basketball Bundesliga.

Hagen is full of interesting spots and places for tourists. You will be delighted with Hagen's things to see and do.

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