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Things to see in Greenock

Greenock is a town in the Inverclyde region in Scotland and a previous area inside the Renfrewshire, found in the west part of Lowlands of Scotland. It structures a piece of an urban range with Gourock to the west and Port Glasgow to the east. Its 2011 population was over 44,000. It lies on the south bank of the Clyde. Things you can see here are:

1. Victoria Tower

Victoria Tower

Victoria Tower was finished in 1886, and it is seventy five meters tall. It was designed by H. & D. Barclay, it surpasses the tallness of the tower of Glasgow City Chambers by more than a meter. The Municipal Buildings stay uncompleted, but this does not decrease its value as tourist attractions. Tower is truly a master piece, and it belongs to ancient building attractions.

3. Old West Kirk

Old West Kirk

A congregation had been built in Greenock in 1591 under the support of John Schaw. He wanted to clear a path for development of the shipyard, and Old West Kirk was migrated to another site on the Esplanade where despite everything it stands. The congregation is eminent for stained glass by Dante Rossetti and Sir Edward Burne Jones. The Church has a website and you can check it for more information.

2. Battery Park

Battery Park

At Fort Matilda route station the Newton Street, Battery Park is located. It is close to the coast and its origins dates from old waterfront area of Fort Matilda. This territory turned into the playing fields of Battery Park.In this area, Clyde Torpedo Factory was opened in 1910, with 700 workers. The site was tasked with torpedoes testing. During Second World War the site was possessed by the Navy Buildings and today it is important part of Greenock history.

4. Greenock Central

Greenock Central

Greenock Central station is one of eight line stations serving the town of Greenock and it is the closest to the town center. This station is on the Inverclyde Line, over twenty miles west of Glasgow Central. It has three stages, two of which are being used, with one shut down. This stage is still associated with the primary line.

Greenock has something other similar towns don't have. If you want to find out what it is, go ahead and make a visit.

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