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What to do and see in Gore

Gore is a town and area in the Southland of the South Island in New Zealand. It is named after Colonel Thomas Gore-Brown, Governor of New Zealand from 1855 to 1861. The town of Gore is 64 kilometres northeast of Invercargill and 70 km west of Balclutha – Dunedin and Invercargill are the nearest cities. The urban area population at the June 2013 estimate was 9,710, it is the second largest in Southland. Gore is a service town for the surrounding farm communities. Things to do in Gore follows:

1. Maple Glen

Maple Glen

A 25 plot of land private enclosure, nursery, aviary, forest and wetland set in the moving green field of Southland. Home to a vast populace of local and extraordinary winged animals including handreared parrots and waterfowl. Maple Glen is interested in guests throughout the entire year and there is no situated charge for entrance.

3. Southland Gallery

Southland Gallery

Nicknamed the "Goreggenheim" by Saatchi & Saatchi manager Kevin Roberts, the Eastern Southland Gallery is a provincial open craft storehouse, arranged in the Arts and Heritage Precinct of Gore's CBD. Made in a previous Carnegie Library building, it offers Shows of national and global note, and a twelve-month programme of presentations, exhibitions, workshops and craftsman ventures.

5. Gore Historical and Research Museum

Gore Historical and Research Museum

Opened in 1999, the Museum is housed in the Hokonui Heritage Centre on top of the Hokonui Moonshine Museum and the Gore Information Centre. Focussing on the history of Eastern Southland and the Mataura River Valley, magnetic presentations incorporate unanticipated outfit and materials, Victoriana, gold recuperation, cultivating relics and provincial and therapeutic memorabilia, giving an agreeable guest experience for all ages.

2. Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

The Mataura River has the best Match the Hatch angling in New Zealand and seemingly on the planet. Mayflies make up a huge a piece of the nearby trout diet, with the most well-known Mataura species being Deleatidiums. It is one of the littlest and most normal Mayflies in New Zealand.

4. Hokonui Moonshine Museum

Hokonui Moonshine Museum

The Hokonui Museum show cases the history of Gore and encompassing ranges, gold and moonshine are the principle things! At regular intervals there is a gigantic Moonshiners celebration! So much fun for large groups and very well arranged.

Separated into two parts by the Mataura River, Gore is well known for its tan trout angling and Country and Western music. It's additionally known for extraordinary fly angling – or perhaps you'd rather have a go at flying in a Tiger Moth.

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