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Things to see in Gladbeck

Gladbeck is a city in the area of Recklinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The name "Gladbeck" develops from old german language. Stream Gladbeck streams under the ground these days. The regions of Gladbeck are Brauck, Butendorf, Ellinghorst, Mitte, Ost, Rentfort, Rosenhügel, Schultendorf and Zweckel. Early archeological finds demonstrate a populace in the area officially around 2000 BC. It was initially specified in 1020.

1. Maschinehalle Zweckell

Maschinehalle Zweckell

Once serving as the machine shop of the coal mine Zweckel, the Maschinenhalle Zweckel was later changed into a place where prevalent social things happen.

3. Museum


Wittringen castle is a home of town exhibition hall. It contains shows on the historical events of Gladbeck. The gallery demonstrates the advancement of the district from the land sources of its rich coal supplies to the present days. A real show is a skeleton of a buffalo found in the region of Brauck. There is also a cemetery of the Bronze Age.

2. Mathias Jakobs Stadthalles

Mathias Jakobs Stadthalles

This place is settled at the heart of Gladbeck, the Mathias Jakobs Stadthalles is an area perfect for a mixture of occasions. For as long as twenty years, it has been a perfect venue for traditions, musical drama, theater, and other social occasions.

4. Jazz festival

Jazz festival

Jazz festival is being held every year. There is one museum in Gladbeck and theater where you can learn more about jazz and festival. There is also a small musical school where you can learn to play some jazz instrument.

Gladbeck is found in the northern piece of the Ruhr Area and fits in mining zone where there is a mass production of mine products. Gladbeck is encompassed by Bottrop, Dorsten, Gelsenkirchen and by Essen in the south.

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