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What to see in Gera

Gera is a city in the district of Thuringia. It is located near Leipzig, Zwickau and Erfurt. It has industrial textile factories and populace of over ninety thousand people. It has really rich history full of valuable monuments and things to see.

1. Otto Dix Haus

Otto Dix Haus

Otto Dix is artist who is born in this part of Germany. He is not born in Gera precisely, but in Untermhaus. His house is dedicated to his expressionistic work, and many paintings are exhibited in this location.

3. St. Johannis Church

St. Johannis Church

St. Johannis Church is the first church of Gera and was constructed there in twelfth century. It was destroyed in fired at the end of eighteen century. Recreation center can be seen around the church.

5. Gera's Market Square

Gera's Market Square

Gera's Market Square is encompassed by noteworthy structures which you can see in its neighbourhood. In the inside of the square is the Simonsbrunnen,famouse wellspring. The square is very noisy and crowded, and you can shop in drugstore for groceries. The town corridor was build in Renaissance style. Tower offers amazing view.

2. Gera City Theater

Gera City Theater

City theater of Gera offer a broad variety of musical dramas, operettas, musical shows and more. Shows are very professional and you will be delighted with this program.

4. Osterstein Castle

Osterstein Castle

The Osterstein Castle is the old fashioned building in Gera. It was established in twelfth century and renovated throughout the years. After World War Two, it was restored as a historical center of artworks and photographs.

Gera is small cosy town in Germany that offers nice things to do and see.

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