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5 things to do in Geelong

Geelong is the largest non capital city and it is located only 75 kilometers from Melbourne. Things to do in Geelong are numerous and means lots of fun for the whole family. Here are top five attractions you simply must see if you have decided to see this city.

1. Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach

The whole family can enjoy walks along the foreshore and have fun with taking photos with the painted bollards and you can also see dolphins and admire their beauty. There are so many playgrounds and carousels for the kids and a nice sandy beach where you can stretch. Finish your day off here in the local restaurant with the fish and chips and also iced drinks.

3. Cunningham Pier

Cunningham Pier

This is elegantly designed social venue with top restaurants and cafes with the fantastic view on Geelong skyline and Corio bay. It is great place to meet people and also enjoy fresh sea air. It has been renovated recently and also has been installed an ice skating ring. You can enjoy fancy restaurants here or just take some fish and chips to go for 10 dollars. Many people say Cunningham Pier is 'love or hate' place, so you simply have to visit it if you are in Geelong.

5. The Heights Heritage House

The Heights Heritage House

The house is built in 1855 and is the largest pre fabricated dwelling in state of Victoria. The garden and the outer part of the building survived intact from the 19th century. The interior renovations ended in 1930's. Guided tours are offered every day at 1, 2 and 3 pm. Through the garden is possible to take a cycling tour for the more intense experience.

2. National Wool Museum

National Wool Museum

Here you can enjoy four galleries, souvenir and gift shop, excellent restaurant and there is always something new and different to explore. The museum presents timeless Australian wool industry and all is combined with contemporarily exhibitions and public programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

4. Bay City Seaplanes

Bay City Seaplanes

You can enjoy a range of different flights around Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong city. You will be flying in Cessna 206 and get never forget experience with family and friends. With the friendly staff and crew of Cessna you can experience the thrill of taking of and landing on the water.

Things to do in Geelong city are both fun and adventurous. Here you can reconnect with nature and also enjoy modern museums and restaurants.

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