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What to do and see in Foxton

Foxton is a town in the Manawatu - Wanganui of New Zealand. It is found on the west shore of the North Island, in the Horowhenua area, 30 km southwest of Palmerston North and 15 km north of Levin. The town is found near the banks of the Manawatu River. The little waterfront settlement of Foxton Beach is found 6 km to the west, near the stream mouth. Things to do and see in Foxton are:

1. Mavtech - Audio Visual Museum

Mavtech - Audio Visual Museum

Spotted in Avenue Road, North end of Main Street, this gallery houses a standout amongst the most noteworthy accumulations of sound and visual supplies. Fusing a Movie Theatre, it uses old carbon curve film projectors. This historical center is typically open on Weekend evenings and may be busy for private tours.

3. Flax Stripper

Flax Stripper

Flax Stripper is spotted in Main Street at the back of the Windmill. A photographic presentation indicates the creation of floor coverings and woolpacks from flax. This working hardware is still put to commonsense utilization with flax being stripped for all those who need fibre for furniture production. Foxton was home to various Flax Mills arranged on the Manawatu riverbank. Open Daily from 1pm to 3pm.

5. Museum of Foxtron

Museum of Foxtron

Found in Main Street, on the corner of Avenue Road. Initially the primary Court building, it shows reports and articles of Foxton's past. Foxton has a quite long history and the storehouse is well worth a visit. The display center is open on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm.

2. De Molen Dutch Windmill

De Molen Dutch Windmill

It is located in primary street. This full size working dutch windmill is open for the general population 7 days a week between 10am and 4pm permitting guests to encounter a taste of Holland. Tours of the upper levels and working parts of the Mill are directed.

4. Horse Tram

Horse Tram

Found at the Tram Station Tearooms, Main Street, it is a copy of 1880's open transport. Pulled by two Clydsdale Horses, this is a ride reveled in by all ages. The Tram might be busy for gathering tours, private capacities and occasions.

Foxton is a flourishing township with neighborhood and national marked organizations. Encompassed to the North, East and South by horticultural and pastoral cultivating, Foxton additionally upholds various business and administration commercial enterprises.

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