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Must see in Flensburg

Flensburg is an autonomous town in the north of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Flensburg is the middle of the area of Southern Schleswig. It is the third biggest town in Schleswig-Holstein. In May 1945 Flensburg was the seat of the last administration of Nazi Germany. The closest bigger towns are Kiel and Odense in Denmark. Things to see in Flensburg are:

1. Flensburg Museum (Museumsberg Flensburg)

Flensburg Museum (Museumsberg Flensburg)

The mountain Flensburg Museum with a show region of 3,000 m² of the biggest exhibition halls in Schleswig-Holstein and gives so many informations about Schleswig district, from the thirteenth to the twentieth century.

3. Franciscan Flensburg

Franciscan Flensburg

The Franciscan Flensburg was established in 1263 in Flensburg and is today still see remainders behind the Südermarkt, close to the Red Road.

5. Schleswig-Holstein local theater and ensemble symphony

Schleswig-Holstein local theater and ensemble symphony

Schleswig-Holstein local theater and symphony Gmbh is the biggest territorial theater in Germany and is situated in Schleswig, with venues in Flensburg, Schleswig and more. It includes musical theater, dance and show.

2. St. John's Church

St. John's Church

St. John's Church is the small and most established of the three surviving principle holy places of the city of Flensburg. It is placed in Johannisviertel. The congregation is committed to the Apostle John. Area of St. John's Church includes genuine Johannisviertel the suburbs Süder St. Jürgen, angler's and piece of the Southshore gorge.

4. Flensburg Old Town

Flensburg Old Town

Flensburg's Old Town (Altstadt) is crossed by an occupied walker road. This is the heart of old Flensburg and is a standout amongst the most well known spots for shopping and consuming. Along the length of the road are numerous notable structures which have been saved. The acclaimed Flensburg Höfes can be found here.

Flensburg offers a pleasant shopping in area with old houses and arrangements. It is great spot to visit.

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